The famous Mosel-Village Piesport is seated under an impressing slope of vines. It rminds often to an open amphitheatre. It is one of the best vineyards in Germany due to its southern orientation, the slope gradient, the basin position under the Mosel Loreley-Rock, the sun reflection of the river and a lot more of circumstances.

Back in 371 Asonius, a roman poet and teacher at the caesarean household in Trier enthused about the scenic Panorama of Piesport in his song of praise “Mosella”: Now another parade shall move in the vine theatre, bacchus gifts shall delight the sweeping eyes. Where over the sleep slope in a swinging traction the sublime summit, rock groups, sunny piles, parts of whorls, wrinkles covered by vines strain up as a natural theatre.”

The deeply profound soil in Piesporter Goldtröpfchen contains of strong weathered blue grey devon-slate mineralized with quartzite. Due to the excellent water supply the slope appears in a lush green also in dry years.

This is also the major reason for the typical Character of the Piesport-Wines.Riesling wines from Piesport are succulent, complex and mineral. The numerous positive influencing factors result in a full bodied wine that can mature very long.