Just like our vineyards – that’s how we are, the Fischborns: deeply rooted in our region, different in character, not always the same every day, but always straight and honest.

Our vineyards are of different ages – just like we are. There are the elder ones with experience, with deep roots, who contribute every day, with their strong will, to an optimisation of processes and to an increase in quality.

But then, there are also young vineyards with traditional types of grape but new quality clones. They come fresh from school, full of energy and ideas. They want to grow into the sky and have to be cut back from time to time.

Our wines are the combined result of the grapes in the vineyard and our work. And just like you need an appropriate wine for every kind of event, we all have our own different tasks and talents. Together, we are a tough assortment. Our family is crazy about wine since nine generations! Already our grandgrandfather cultivated his vineyards in six different municipalities and shipped his wines overseas. We Fischborns are born to be winemakers, we are born for the wines. This is our Creed: Fischborn … born for wine!

Andreas – Wine whisperer, mechanician, example

Ruth – Genius for organisation, host, long-distance runner

Eric – Gifted machinist, sales talent, doer

Martin – Cellar master, director, networker