The Wine Salon of Mainz is an association of 20 wineries in Rhinehessen. Our aim is to inspire people with our good mood and our Rheinhessen lifestyle. With more than 20 scheduled events per year, we provide a platform for the Rheinhessen Wine which he deserves. We have long become good friends, tasting and discussing wine together.

One of the most famous vineyards in Germany hast just deserved such an association! 30 winemakers who together cultivate the slope characterized by the red loess between Nackenheim and Nierstein, have joined together to strengthen and to promote the Rieslings from “Roter Hang”. Together we engage for the worldwide perception of this famous German vineyard with its expressive terroir.

Meanwhile, 90 wineries have joined together to build a label „Maxim of Provenance Rhinehessen“ We share the voluntary but consistent mission statement of the three-step classification model of estate wine, site wine, and single site wine. We understand this model as an accepted, valent, and tangible classification of wine quality, which enhances the profile of Rhinehessen.

Generation Riesling is the German association of young winemakers! It represents an excellently trained and ambitious generation of young „doers“ in the German wine-growing scene, with a strong international bias. Though these winemakers focus on the Riesling as the most well known German grape worldwide, they also stand for all other grapes and especially for every individualist in all German wine growing regions being crazy about wine.