Fischborn – born for wine!

This is not just a slogan or claim. No – this is our way of life, this is US! We love dealing with the vines, the soil, the technique, the wood of the barrels, the style of the wine and much more.

To cooperate with research institutes and colleagues is our passion, is a part of us. The interaction with others and the exploration of new ways makes us a modern winery with a strong sense of tradition.

Maybe the German viniculture plays only a minor role in the world – but we believe that it is the delicatessen store of wine. The most diverse soil conditions and climatic zones give rise to a variety of typical wines, characterized by their roots.

It is not without reason that our vineyards are scattered within a radius of 50 km. We are always on the look-out for specialties, even if that means to spend one or another lunch time in the crew caravan. For us it is worth making the effort: we take the term „Grosse Lage (Grand Cru)“ as a quality promise which we passionately want to keep. Already our grandgrandfather new the secret of good vineyard sites, long before the term „Terroir“ became fashionable in Germany.

We want to press wines which give a reliable reflection of the vintage, the soil, and the special microclimate of their vineyard. The delicate nuances of the respective vineyard shall be perceptible and tasteable in all their complex uniqueness. The preconditions for this are first-class vineyards, an instinct for the convenient seedlings, the suitable care for the grapevines, the optimal harvest date and – last but not least – the right gut feeling.