Our wines are no informal discussion, no small talk, no lapidary conversation. Our wines need to be paid attention to, because they are full of stories, passions, emotions. And every single vintage writes his own chapter.

Estate wines

The classics in our assortment show the respective typical character of the cultivated grape and the style of our winery. These wines are made to spend joy to everybody. So to speak, they are the vinified form of the Ninth symphony of Beethoven with its „Ode to Joy“.

Local wines

The local wines mirror the spirit of the location. They reflect our perception of this part of Rheinhessia. The ability to observe and to perceive what happens in, around and under our vines is essential here. This is the only way for us to understand the impact of the various types of soil and the microclimatic conditions for our wines, thus making these influences tasteable for us all.

Site wines

The most appropriate term for site wines is authenticity. Authenticity means truth, genuineness and originality. These are the attributes which we want to convey in our wines, thereby presenting the taste of our often very small favourite vineyards with traditional sorts and old vines. In order to meet this demand, additionally to the large degree of quality work, we harvest the grapes in these vineyards in several passages. In doing so, nearly every single grape can be harvested when fully mature. In the cellar, we abstain from any application of yeasts and leave the fermentation entirely to the natural yeasts from the vineyard.