Badenheim is situated in a valley (Appelbachtal) between Bosenberg und Wißberg, quite in the west of Rhinehessia. It abuts directly to the wine-growing region of the river Nahe. Here in Badenheim, we have a very special microclimate, extreme temperature differences between day and night are not unusual. This enables a long maturing period of the grapes on the vines.

This is mainly due to cold air flows which, during night, come down from the Hunsrück into the valley of the Nahe and come up against Bosenberg and Wißberg. This is a decisive locational advantage for the cultivation of pinot noir grapes of the Burgundy type. Another characteristic of Badenheim is its geological location, the prehistoric reef of the primordial ocean, called „The Mainz Basin“. Here, infinite numbers of mussels and chalk sedimentations emerge. Together with the clayey marine sedimentations, this soil produces grapes of high minerality and considerable sustainability.

Wines from Badenheim are aromatic, opulent and fruity at the same time, mineral and – above all – very sophisticated in fruit. A real long-distance runner.