The sun-spoilt vineyards around Alsheim, located on a loess hill on the Rhine terrace, with a variety of single terraces and old sunken paths which are very popular with walkers, represent a very special habitat. The sunken paths and terraces are used as a safe haven by many animals.

Whilst working in the vineyard, we are surrounded by rabbits, foxes and badgers, and also roes cross the vineyards. In the loess walls between the single terraces you often see lizards charging their battery in the sun. These steep faces, partly several meters high, are also an ideal habitat for insects and bees. The place hums and buzzes with wild bees, wasps and butterflies.

The single terraces not only are beneficial for the fauna, but also for our vines. Here, a very special microclimate exists, intensely warming up the vineyards. The combination of southern exposure, proximity to the river Rhine, easily warmed-up soil and lee position provides for an early maturing of the grapes. Wines from Alsheim are puristic and take a clear position. They are expressive and sometimes a bit dominant.